The Almata apple

Posted by John Kring on Sep 14th 2019

The Almata apple is one of the prettiest apples we have at Maple Valley Orchards.   As you can see, it has a deep red skin and deep red flesh.  It's not an eating apple because of the t … read more

Pear Race Relations

Posted by John Kring on Sep 10th 2019

We get asked occasionally whether Asian Pears can be grafted onto European pear trees.   The picture below confirms that the answer is "yes".  Check out these Japanese Golden Russet pea … read more

Chance seedling Crabapples

Posted by John Kring on Sep 8th 2019

First off, apple trees don't grow true from a seed.  This means that if you get a seed from a Red Delicious to sprout, grow into a tree, and have apples it will most likely be a sour inedible app … read more

Red Flesh Apple Blossoms

Posted by John Kring on May 27th 2019

The blossoms on an apple tree can sometimes be a good indicator of the type of apple.  Check out the picture below.  Can you figure out which one is the red flesh apple tree?  The apple … read more

Fear the Deer

Posted by John Kring on May 12th 2019

At Maple Valley Orchards, we're big fans of the Milwaukee Bucks and the Milwaukee apple.  The Milwaukee apple is a great tart apple for cooking and drying.  Our friends at Peck and Bushel (w … read more