Wisconsin Winter is Coming.....Again!

Posted by John Kring on Apr 12th 2019

Wisconsin doesn't have dragons or White Walkers but it does have multiple winters.  We had spring for about a week and then on Wednesday night winter returned with a vengeance.   Good t … read more

Red Flesh Pears and Movie References

Posted by John Kring on Apr 6th 2019

The Rotkottis Frau Ostergotland is one of two red flesh pears we offer at Maple Valley Orchards.  The downside of this pear is that you need to keep a close eye on it for fire blight.  It's … read more

Frederick von Applestein

Posted by John Kring on Mar 27th 2019

Karen and I spent a couple hours grafting apple trees for our customers tonight.   We're a great team.  Karen gets all the rootstocks, handles the tags, and keeps me organized.  &n … read more

Benchgrafting in a Picture

Posted by John Kring on Mar 19th 2019

I was doing some benchgrafting today.  A picture is worth a few benchgrafts or at least one pear benchgraft.

Snowshoes and Scionwood

Posted by John Kring on Mar 10th 2019

We needed to cut more Pewaukee and Tydemans Late Orange scionwood yesterday at the Gillett orchard. The Pewaukee trees are in the west end of the orchard and at the back of the row. The Tydemans Lat … read more