Life Below Zero - Apple Scionwood Cutting

Posted by John Kring on Jan 27th 2019

At MVO, this is the prime time to cut scionwood.  This is until the weather gets in the way.  Yesterday, the day began with temperatures well below zero and an even colder wind chill.  However, we knew we needed to do something because our customers depend on MVO for their scionwood and heirloom fruit grafting needs.  Karen and I decided to make the trip to Spirit, WI (Zone 3b) which is home to our 3rd and smallest orchard.  This orchard has a few of our varieties that are not at the Gillett or Suamico orchards.  It was cold but beautiful outside and we were able to gather the scionwood we needed.  

We felt great to be able to make a little progress on cutting scionwood for our customers.  As added bonus, there were some wildlife appearances on the way home.