Custom Benchgraft

Custom Bench Grafting Apple, Pear, Plum treescustom-bench-grafts.jpg

Bench grafting is where a piece of scionwood is grafted onto a rootstock to grow a new tree.   The scionwood dictates the variety of fruit.  The rootstock dictates the size, hardiness, vigor, and disease resistance of the tree.  Apple scions must be grafted onto apple rootstock, pear scions onto pear rootstock, and plum scions onto stone rootstock.

There are many different methods of bench grafting, but the whip and tongue is a good one with high success rates.   Basically, we whip and tongue graft a piece of scionwood that has 2-3 buds on it (usually 2-3 inches) onto a rootstock of your choice.  Before grafting onto the rootstock, it is cut down to 6 inches above the top root which usually ends up with a 12 inch rootstock.  The resulting benchgraft is roughly 14-15 inches long.

  • 20 Ounce Pippin Custom Benchgraft

    Very large, striped red over a greenish background color. Flesh white and semi- firm. Excellent mid-season cooking apple also good for dessert. Medium sized tree comes into bearing young.

  • Aurora Custom Benchgraft

    A large, yellow pear that has some russeting. Flesh is juicy, sweet and very aromatic. A high quality dessert pear that keeps well.

  • Bartlett Custom Benchgraft

    Large yellow pear with white juicy flesh. Great all around pear. Ripens off the tree. Good keeper. Trees are highly productive.

  • Akane Custom Benchgraft

    A hard, round, red apple with tart, white flesh. A good dessert apple and fair keeper. A better apple for the south. A cross between Jonathan and Worcester Pearmain.

  • Akero Custom Benchgraft

    Probably the best Swedish dessert apple, commanding the highest prices in the Swedish markets. Tile red over yellow, roundish, cone-shaped, crisp, juicy, raspberry tang. A winter apple in Sweden. It is the best summer apple following Early Joe, but...

  • Bosc Custom Benchgraft

    A medium to large, dark yellow pear with some russeting. A high quality pear and good keeper. Ripens off the tree. Trees are very productive.

  • Alexander Custom Benchgraft

    Very large, attractive, red or striped fruit. Excellent for sauce, cooking to a juicy lemony puree. Eaten fresh, quite sweet, slightly scented. Good for home orchards, as it ripens continuously over a period of about four weeks. Tree is hardy, vigorous,...

  • Clapps Favorite Custom Benchgraft

    A very large yellow-green pear, with a red blush. This pear is juicy, crisp and sweet. Fruit will ripen on the tree. Trees are very hardy and vigorous but can be susceptible to fire blight.

  • Clapps Red Custom Benchgraft

    Yellow fruit with bright red blush. A very productive, winter hard tree but susceptible to fire blight.

  • Conference Custom Benchgraft

    A medium to large, green pear that has some russeting. The yellow flesh is sweet and juicy. A very good keeper but very susceptible to fire blight.

  • Ananas Reinette Custom Benchgraft

    Golden skin with russet freckles. Crisp, juicy flavor with intense, sweet, sharp pineapple flavor late in the season. Good for eating fresh, cooking and juice.