Custom Benchgraft

Custom Bench Grafting Apple, Pear, Plum treescustom-bench-grafts.jpg

Bench grafting is where a piece of scionwood is grafted onto a rootstock to grow a new tree.   The scionwood dictates the variety of fruit.  The rootstock dictates the size, hardiness, vigor, and disease resistance of the tree.  Apple scions must be grafted onto apple rootstock, pear scions onto pear rootstock, and plum scions onto stone rootstock.

There are many different methods of bench grafting, but the whip and tongue is a good one with high success rates.   Basically, we whip and tongue graft a piece of scionwood that has 2-3 buds on it (usually 2-3 inches) onto a rootstock of your choice.  Before grafting onto the rootstock, it is cut down to 6 inches above the top root which usually ends up with a 12 inch rootstock.  The resulting benchgraft is roughly 14-15 inches long.

  • Dabinett Custom Benchgraft

    A bittersweet cider apple with greenish-yellow skin with a red blush. Blooms late and is a reliable cropping apple. Some scab resistance.

  • D'Arcy Spice Custom Benchgraft

    Great flavor in a plain package. Yellowish-green skin, flushed with russet patches surrounds fine, firm crisp flesh with rich, vinous flavor. One of the favorites at our apple tastings.

  • Deacon Jones Custom Benchgraft

    Very large, yellow apple with red splashes. The flesh is yellow, firm and juicy with a mild flavor. Good keeper.

  • Delcon Custom Benchgraft

    Full sized, dark red fruits shaped like a Delicious. Sweet, crisp, juicy, white flesh. Good fresh and for pies. Keeps into the winter. Tree is a natural semi-dwarf. Rarely needs pruning. Bred for its resistance to fireblight. Bears enormous yields of...

  • Dolgo Crab Custom Benchgraft

    Small 1.5" inch olive-shaped, crimson fruits. Highly flavored. Ideal for canning and preserving whole.

  • Dudley (North Star) Custom Benchgraft

    A seedling from Duchess of Oldenburg. Tree is very cold hardy. Medium to large apple that is bright green/yellow skin with red stripping. The yellow flesh is firm, chris, and very juicy. Good keeper.

  • Early Harvest Custom Benchgraft

    It ripens over an extended period, grows well in all types of soil, and is prized for its great eating and cooking qualities. The fruit is medium in size with smooth, pale yellow skin. The tender white flesh is crisp and juicy with a brisk, tangy flavor.

  • Early Joe Custom Benchgraft

    Early Joe first received recognition in 1843 at a fair exhibition in Rochester, New York. Ten years later, its reputation had spread to the South where it was listed in several nursery catalogs in the region. The medium-sized apple is slightly conical in...

  • Early Strawberry Custom Benchgraft

    It is very similar in appearance to another early apple, Early Red Margaret, with the two often mistaken. Fruit is medium sized and often has unequal sides. The smooth, thick skin is light greenish-yellow with fine stripes and splashes of bright red. The...

  • Edward VII Custom Benchgraft

    Regarded by some as the finest winter apple for spring pie and sauce. A great cooking apple. Medium to large, shiny green or yellow skin, flesh firm, tart and juicy. Flat-round to round shape. Keeps until Easter when it possesses a rich, sweet flavor...

  • Egremont Russet Custom Benchgraft

    Prized as the most delicious of the English russets. Small, round, golden brown russet fruit often with black spots or markings. Greenish-yellow, richly flavored, very distinctive flesh, often described as nutty. Almost smoky, tannic quality develops...