Our Products

Our scionwood are typically 1/4" caliper and 12" long or equivalents.

Our rootstock is 1/4" caliper.

Our trees are 4-5 feet tall.

Our trees are packaged in a cardboard box with the roots tucked in a sturdy plastic bag with moist newspaper inside tightly bound with string. This will insure the trees roots will remain sufficiently moist upon arrival to your home. We also include the appropriate planting instructions for the trees.  Please advise us immediately if your package arrives damaged.


Shipping Season

Our shipping season begins in late January and continues until all stock is sold or the end of May.  Please specify a shipping address acceptable for USPS delivery.

We typically ship on Mondays from late-January through to the end of May.  Here's what we ship and when:

Scionwood:  Late January - Early May

Trees, Rootstock, and Benchgrafts:  Early March - end of May or whenever we run out

We don't like to ship trees, rootstock and benchgrafts earlier than March because of the cold weather in Wisconsin.  We don't want your order to be cold damaged.


Shipping Charges

When you place an order during the checkout, please indicate a desired shipping date.  We will make every effort to honor that shipping date. 

We typically ship with USPS Priority Mail.

We only ship to addresses in the United States.

We charge 15% of total order amount for shipping with a minimum shipping charge of $12.00 and a maximum charge of $100.

We charge 20% of total order amount for shipping with a minimum shipping charge of $12.00 for California, Oregon, and Washington.

** PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volatile nature of shipping costs, we reserve the right to reassess shipping charges prior to shipment. We will contact you if there are changes prior to shipment.