• Calville Blanc d'Hiver Apple Tree

    Uniquely shaped medium to large size fruit, skin yellow with light red flush. Fine textured. Flesh is tender, yellowish-white; flavor sweet, subacid, aromatic. Higher in Vitamin C than an orange. This is the gourmet culinary apple of France, excellent...

  • Chenango Strawberry Apple Tree

    A medium to large apple with yellow/greenish skin with some red stripping. A dessert apple that is good for lots of uses. The white flesh is firm, juicy and very aromatic. Trees are hardy but susceptible to fire blight.

  • Empire Apple Tree

    A McIntosh type apple with better color and flavor and longer keeper. Medium size fruit with a creamy white, crisp, juicy flesh.

  • Ginger Gold Apple Tree

    Can be picked green but will turn an attractive yellow with a blush if allowed to hang on the tree. Uiform fruit size. Keeps up to 6 months in storage. Ripens six weeks before Gibson Golden. Vigorous tree habit but no limb spreading is necessary.

  • Golden Russet Apple Tree

    An old American cider apple, also good for eating and drying, and attractive for a russet. Tree medium to large, fruit medium to above. The sugary, dense flesh of this apple is the essence of the European reinettes.

  • Grimes Golden Apple Tree

    More complex flavor than its offspring Golden Delicious. Spicy, tangy, sweet with light yellow flesh. Best grown in warmer climates. Direct marketers seek out this fruit. Excellent pollinizer.

  • Honey Gold Apple Tree

    Hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. Golden Delicious flavor - Haralson hardiness. Medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. Flavor is sweeter and more bland...

  • Idared Apple Tree

    Nearly solid red apple with white, crisp, fine-grained, aromatic flesh. Blooms early, but ripens late. Excellent keeper, improves in storage.

  • King David Apple Tree

    Medium size apple with pale green skin with some red overlay. Flesh is yellow, crisp and juicy with a flavorful spicy taste. Good storage. Excellent candidate for espalier. Resistant to fireblight.

  • Kingston Black Apple Tree

    Apple crimson over yellow orange ground color. Bitter sharp juice ferments to a distinctively flavored hard cider without blending. Cider only, except for the very brave. Irregular growth habit.

  • Liberty Apple Tree

    Resistant to apple scab and mildew. A handsome red apple, usually school box size, of the McIntosh type with a wonderful sweet/tart balance. Crisper, keeps better and more heat tolerant than other McIntosh hybrids. Very productive.

  • Maidens Blush Apple Tree

    Beautiful apple of pale lemon-yellow color with crimson blush. Flesh is white, sprightly, quality good. Tree is an excellent grower, comes into bearing young. Dependable producer.

  • McIntosh Apple Tree

    Nearly solid bright red skin and flesh that is juicy and flavorful. A very good all purpose apple and heavy bearing have made this variety popular with home and commercial orchardists alike.

  • Mutsu Apple Tree

    Large, round, yellow eating apple. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a spicy flavor. Better keeper than Yellow Delicious